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Ways to #BeTheChange

We all have the power to make our communities safer and free of sexual violence.  Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

  1. Speak out when you hear or see disrespectful behavior
  2. Discourage all forms of oppression
  3. Encourage your workplace to provide sexual harassment prevention and bystander intervention training
  4. Do not post or share posts on social media that promote rape culture
  5. Promote and model healthy relationships and boundaries
  6. Know that anyone can be a survivor of sexual violence – men, women, non-binary, and transgender
  7. Ask your local school districts to offer more programs on healthy relationships and violence prevention
  8. Recognize that sexual violence is a crime of power and domination
  9. Avoid victim shaming and blaming
  10. Advocate for victim-centered sexual assault laws
  11. Learn about consent and educate others
  12. Hold friends, family, and co-workers accountable for the things they say and do
  13. Engage in honest and open conversations about sexual violence
  14. Support survivors
  15. Take the “I’m The Change Pledge.”