Counseling Overview

Rape and sexual assault are traumatic events that can leave a survivor feeling powerless and disconnected from themselves and others.  Feeling unsafe, numbness, restlessness, and anxiety are all common following an assault. Counseling can be the healing bridge from unspeakable pain to hope.   Whether it’s a few days after the abuse or years after, we’re here to help. We offer free, confidential counseling services to survivors of sexual violence and anyone else impacted- including survivors’ non-offending acquaintances, friends, family, and partners. Our goal is to help clients heal from issues stemming from the trauma of sexual violence, cope with the immediate crisis and regain a sense of control and trust.

Prairie Center believes counseling is most effective when counselors understand and employ a trauma-informed perspective. At Prairie Center, we affirm a survivor’s need to be respected, informed, connected, and hopeful regarding their own recovery. We work in a collaborative way with survivors, family and friends of the survivor, and other human services agencies in a manner that will empower survivors.


Counseling for Adults

Prairie Center provides services tailored to meet the complex needs of adult sexual assault survivors and adults molested as children. PCASA can provide victims and significant others trauma assessment, and group and individual counseling. Our service philosophy encourages the active participation of clients in the course, scope, and pace of the counseling process.


Counseling for Children

The effects of child sexual abuse are complex and vary from child to child. Healing from child sexual abuse is a process that takes time.   

For most children who have been abused, getting help from a specialized professional with a background in working with children who have been sexually abused can be very helpful.  If you’re not sure if your child needs or is ready for treatment, make an appointment with our child counselor to get a professional opinion about how your child is doing.