Comprehensive Consent with Sarah Casper

May 5, 2021

Emerging evidence suggests consent education could be an effective form of primary sexual violence prevention.  However, when should that education start and what should it look like?

To talk about consent education for younger children is Sarah Casper is our guest. Sarah is a consent educator and the founder of Comprehensive Consent – a brand devoted to helping parents give their children the foundational understanding of body boundaries and the practical consent skills that we all need to create healthy relationships with ourselves and with others, throughout their life. Sarah’s work is informed by her education and experience in the fields of child psychology and social psychology, as well as her experience as an acroyoga practitioner.


Topics Covered Include:

  • At what age should consent education should start?
  • How does consent education change based on the age of the child… or really does it change all that much?
  • Why do we need to teach consent before sexual activity begins?
  • What is a  social-emotional learning framework and how is that would be applied to consent education?
  • Can teaching children about their bodies and how to set their boundaries make them less “appealing” to predators?
  • What is “the deeper meaning of affirmative consent” What does that mean?
  • How is learning how to deal with rejection part of consent education?
  • Would consent education be considered empowerment-based?



Comprehensive Consent (website)