Engaging Men In Sexual Violence Prevention

March 3, 2021

Merging evidence is sexual violence prevention increasingly points towards the need to involve men as allies. Sexual violence is widely recognized as a serious public health issue worldwide. It is also widely acknowledged that sexual violence is perpetrated primarily by men against women. So it would stand to reason that any successful primary prevention plan requires men as allies. Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault Preventionist Deb Bonner speaks with Josue Arguelles, a trainer with A Call To Men about what that engagement would look like.

 Topics covered include:
  • Why is engaging men as allies so crucial in the prevention of sexual violence
  • What the “Man Box” is and how it prevent healthy masculinity
  • How intersectionality contribute to the issues surrounding sexual violence and what can be done about it
  • How adverse childhood experiences contribute to sexual violence perpetration
  • The most essential skills a boy or young man needs to have in order to have healthy relationships and prevent sexual violence

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